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African Forestry was founded in 2016 and registered as an NGO operating in Tanzania uniting all business firms regardless of their operational size. The objective is to promote and advance best forestry industrial practices as well as addressing sustainable forest resources management challenges through undertaking regular dialogues and consultations with the government authorities at national and sub-national levels. Since my tenure as the Chairperson of the AF (about one year ago) it has been note that majority of the private sector business firms in forestry have not joined the organization. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all business firms and other players in forestry through the private sector initiatives; to join and become active members of the African Forestry. Remember the saying “Umoja ni nguvu utengano ni udhaifu” implying that when you stand together for a common destiny you become strong but when divided you become weak.

Dr. Felician Kilahama


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Sustainable Forest


AF is a non-profit and non-governmental Organization deriving its functions and operations from the will of the members/stakeholders, and endeavours to fulfil its objectives as per the constitution and work plan. The goal of the Organization is promoting responsible forest management’ in Tanzania and the region in future.


To create an enabling environment for the promotion of sustainable forest management in Tanzania to achieve sustainable development, with special focus on improving responsible management and use of forests and their products for the benefit of both present and future generation.


Africa richest and vast forest resources are managed in a sustainable, accountable and equitable way so that citizens are able to access, own, control and benefit from them.

African Forestry


Membership is be open to all interested parties who are supportive of the objectives of AF’s. There are three categories of membership to the Organization.

African Forestry addresses restrictive policy, legal, and regulatory issues that affect the functioning and competitiveness of commercial forestry. This has been AF core strength as an industry leader through close collaboration with the Government of Tanzania. The principle benefit, which members shall accrue, is the use of AF as a platform whereby they share their challenges and collectively agree on how to meet them through lobbying/advocacy. Members shall also benefit from continued training and strong technical advice from the Organization, although this shall not necessarily be withheld from individual members initiatives.

Membership is open to all forestry industries in Tanzania and the region (in future). The member must have a properly constituted organization in line with the applicable laws of the country. In order for members to join AF, they must be able to demonstrate that they can maintain the objectives and the activities of the Organization. Membership application shall be done as per the Constitution.

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Associate Members11 Members
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Safe Hands

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our members starts with our team of smart, capable experts. We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for forestry and doing excellent work for our partners.

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African Forestry (AF) is a non profit and nongovernmental Organization operating on the will of the members/stakeholders, and endeavors to full its objectives as per the constitution and work plan. The goal of the Organization is promoting responsible forest management’ in Tanzania and the region in future.

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