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Ministry of Energy Wooden Pole Committee


Tree Improvements Research Working Group.

The ministry of energy wooden pole special committee was created by the Government on May 9, 2022, to assess the capacity of local industries in producing wooden poles and to determine whether the production meets local needs. The committee has also been asked to evaluate the quality of the poles produced by local industries to identify the gaps that exist in the entire chain of producing wooden poles starting from the plantations to final product delivery. Similarly, the Committee was required to make recommendations to the Government on the best way to control the quality of wooden poles produced in the country and to ensure that industries produce poles that meet local needs.

The committee involves Government Leaders, experts and stakeholders of forest products which are the Administrative Secretaries (RAS) of Iringa and Njombe regions, experts specializing in the quality of poles from the Ministry of Energy, TANESCO, Rural Energy Agency (REA), Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) with Stakeholders of wooden poles including Representatives from tree growers, owners of wooden pole industries, distributors, transporters and owners of forest plantations.