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The National Engineered Wood Sector Development Framework 2021 2031 (NEWSDF) is a product of the Public Private-Dialogues (PPDs) undertaken by the Tanzania National Business Council - Forest Working Group (TNBC-FWG) between 2019 to 2021. The PPDs were catalyzed by the Government after realizing that the forest sector is one of the key economic sectors that can drive the Tanzania National Industrialization Agenda. This led to the formation of TNBC-FWG in 2018. The NEWSDF aims to achieve rapid forestry resource-based industrialization. Hence, it guides the alignment between the implementation of the National Forest Policy of 1998 and other national development policy priorities as stipulated in the Sustainable Industrial Development Policy (1996-2020), Tanzania Development Vision, 2025, National Economic Empowerment Policy 2004, Micro Finance Policy 2017, and the Integrated Industrial Development Strategy 2025. This NEWSDF will ensure coordinated efforts and increased contributions of commercial forestry to Tanzania economy.

The process started by identifying Engineered Wood Sector development (EWP) as a priority agenda for PPDs in the TNBC-FWG in 2019. This was followed by feasibility and baseline research, which received financial and technical support from the Forest Development Trust (FDT), and further institutional support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) and TNBC Secretariats. The research was conducted by multi disciplinary teams including experts in economics, finance, technology, and forestry. A total of eight (8) studies were conducted between 2019 and 2021. These studies provided detailed information and data to the TNBC-FWG and Government about the economic and fiscal benefits that Tanzania will acquire if it embarks on EWPS development and promotion. Based on this evidence, TNBC-FWG formed a Taskforce to develop the NEWSDF 2021-2031. The TNBC-FWG NEWSDF 2021-2031 was endorsed by the TNBC-FWG in September, 2020. It was further endorsed by the TNBC Executive Committee meeting that took place on 17th June,2021. Later, in 26 June, 2021, during the 12 TNBC meeting, which was chaired by Her Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, The President of the United Republic of Tanzania also endorsed the NEWSDF and called for immediate development of its Implementation Plan. Hence, both the NEWSDF and its Action Plan are in place.

In this regard, the TNBC acknowledges the contribution of everyone who participated in this important national development initiative. The development of this NEWSDF received technical backstopping from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, particularly on alignment with sector policy priorities. It received further technical backstopping from TNBC-FWG and Forestry Development Trust (FDT) especially in commercial forestry development in Tanzania. Also, the feedback from the TNBC's meetings, Executive Committee and Council PPDs were instrumental for the finalization of the document. We are grateful to all specialists who provided extra inputs during the preparation of the NEWSDF 2021-2031. We appeal for continued engagement and support during the implementation of this NEWSDF. TNBC guarantees their continued cooperation and engagement. Likewise, it is our expectation that the TNBC-FWG will continue to demonstrate its remarkable contribution towards the transformation of the Tanzania Forest Sector.