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Tree Improvements Research Working Group.

The Tree Improvement Research Working Group is made up of representatives from key private sector actors and government agencies. In this respect, it is a powerful body which can possibly deliver on the mandate as described in the terms of reference. However, the TIRWG has several short comings which will impact negatively on performance. Most of the representatives do not have power to make decisions and recommendations on behalf of their organizations. They will have to constantly consult parent organizations for authorization, and this will delay decision making and commitments of the Working Group. As a mark of seriousness, organizations should be represented by persons who can make concrete decisions. The Working Group, although well represented by people from different forestry backgrounds lacks adequate professional capacity to implement the Tree Improvement program. The Working Group is not a legal entity. A non- legal entity cannot transact land issues or sign official documents on behalf of Stakeholders. The Working Group cannot obtain bank credit or grants without being a legally registered body. There are no funds committed by members for operations and TIRWG will find it extremely difficult to operate without funds. Members of the Working Group have diverse interests and will most likely push for agenda that suits their organizations. The Working Group might have challenges holding the group together. The work of TIRWG infringes on mandates of TAFORI and TTSA and conflicts between the organisations may arise. There are suspicions between the private sector and government agencies revolving around inefficiency in government operations and private sector motivation for profit versus service to the public. This could play out in the process of program implementation.


Tree Improvements Research Working Group Members

Private Forestry Programme, Green Resources Ltd, FTI – Olmotonyi, FITI – Moshi, Mufundi Coffee and Tea (MCT), Tanzania Leaf Tobbaco Company (TLTC), Tanzania Tree Growers Association Union (TTGAU), Mufindi Paper Mills, New Forest Company , Africa Forest (AF), TFS – Tree Seed Production Center, Tanzania Forest Research Institute, Sokoine University of Agriculture, SHIVIMITA, UNILEVER Tea Tanzania Limited, Tanzania Forest Service, Sustainable Forestry Investment (SFI), Jambe Agro, TANWAT.